Educational videos

Fluid Mechanics

  1. Introduction to the Study of Fluid Motion (1961): Fluid flows in nature, fluid mechanics terminology and experimental fluid dynamics.
  2. Coriolis effect
  3. Eulerian and Lagrangian Description
  4. Fundamental Principles of Flows: Basic Concepts and Physical Relationships of Fluid Motion (flow patterns, velocity vectors, streamlines, pathlines, streaklines, local and convective acceleration, relative motion, continuity relationship, vorticity, circulation, rotational and irrotational flow, flow net)
  5. Fundamental Principles of Flows: Flow Dynamics (flow acceleration and pressure-velocity relationship for non-uniform states of motion, dynamic and static pressure, principle for simple instruments for the measurement of velocity, pressure and rate of flow, separation, cavitation, integration of the continuity, momentum, and energy equation, propulsion)
  6. Characteristics of the Laminar and Turbulent Flows: Introduction to the Turbulent Flows Characteristics (flow regimes and transition in pipe flows and shear layer flows, molecular and eddy viscosity, turbulence intensity, turbulence scales, production, mixing, dissipation)
  7. Fluid Motion in a Gravitational Field: Gravity Action on Liquid Flows (gravity effects, hydrostatic pressure distribution, fluid-body rotation, confined flow, Bernoulli equation, hydraulic and energy grade lines, liquid jets, free-surface outflows, overflow, and underflow, specific energy in open-channel flow, Froude number)
  8. Form Drag, Lift, and Propulsion: Drag force, flow circulation, lift force and lifting vanes and propulsion
  9. Effects of Fluid Compressibility: Wave generation in fluids and shock waves
  10. Air Jet Flows
  11. Boundary layers
  12. Boundary Layer Flows
  13. Cavitation
  14. Elastic Waves
  15. Flow around an Airfoil
  16. Flow Circulation
  17. Flow Separation
  18. Flow-induced Vibrations (Karman Vortex)
  19. Flow over Weirs
  20. Gravitational Waves
  21. Gravity Driven Pipe Flows
  22. Hydraulic Jump
  23. Introduction to Liquid Jet Flows
  24. Laminar Flows between Parallel Boundaries
  25. Pressure-Driven Pipe Flows
  26. Propulsion
  27. Rotational & Irrotational Flows
  28. Shock Waves
  29. Specific Energy in Open Channel
  30. Viscosity
  31. Waterhammer

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

  1. The Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Principle (Orifice-Nozzle-Venturi)
  2. Mass flow meters explained
  3. Electromagnetic flow meters explained
  4. The Ultrasonic Flow Measuring Principle
  5. The Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle
  6. Vortex & Swirl flow meters explained

Environmental Aerodynamics

  1. Wind Tunnels - How it works
  2. Testing process at the Langley Full-Scale Tunnel
  3. Virginia Tech's Stability Wind Tunnel
  4. New Volvo Wind Tunnel
  5. BMW Sauber F1 Team wind tunnel
  6. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: Wind Tunnel Testing
  7. F1 Aerodynamics
  8. Wind tunnel testing of tall building Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  9. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
  10. Shinkansen Bullet Trains Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  11. TGV V150 Train (French TGV world speed record of 3rd April 2007 : 574,8 km/h)
  12. Skyscrapers 2009 - The World's Tallest Buildings

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  1. EnSight CFD Training Videos (Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5)
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